divorce buddha

divorce buddha

Today, I will use my breath to help remove the emotional toxins within my body throughout the day.  I will focus on deep slow breaths, taking them in through my nose at my own slow and deliberate pace and releasing the stress in my exhale through my mouth.

 Today I will commit to meaningful communication.  I will not communicate in anger and name-calling; I will surrender to sitting quietly with my thoughts and I will contemplate my words and tone of communication before I speak.

Today I shall notice the good in my former partner.  Realizing that my marriage was purposeful, I will respect that purpose by remembering the good that my former partner brought into my life at one time.  No regrets, only lessons.

Today in the midst of an angry moment I will seek out fresh air to clear my mind and to re-center.  I will carve out time in my day to step outside and listen to nature.  Everything on this earth has a story to tell, even the birds, the trees and the wind.

Today I will make a commitment not to judge my former partner negatively.  I will accept this divorce without placing blame and I will appreciate my marriage’s value, even in its ending.

Today I will recognize that life does not always reflect my ideals and my plans.  I will grow today with the understanding that change brings creation and that there is much to look forward to in the unexpected, like a surprise ready to be found!

Today I will accept this divorce as a mental challenge, the end goal being to come out of this divorce wishing the best for my former partner and bestowing blessings upon this person.  Only then, will I truly understand the meaning of living free.

Today, I will acknowledge that my former partner is in pain, just like me.  I will acknowledge that even if I am unable to console or relate to my former partner at this moment, that his/her feelings are legitimate to him/her, just as my feelings are legitimate to me.

 Today I will pause before I speak.  I will not act in haste because I am nervous or full of stress and anxiety.  I will stop, create a quiet space, and reflect upon the situation at hand, always approaching difficult conversations with care.  

Today I will consciously express my love.  My expression is with me all of the time!  It is mine alone to feel and give.