divorce buddha

I respect money and I look forward to increasing my earnings as each day goes by.  I love my job and I tap into my heart and soul as I give service to the world!  My love will shine through and it will be the impetus to create new wealth.

I give thanks when I make a purchase.  I shop smart and I am grateful for what I am able to purchase.

When I touch or look at money, I feel an overwhelming sensation of love.  This creates the gratitude inside of me that will spark a change in my financial situation.  I will make positive changes when I appreciate my current circumstances.

I will not focus on my credit card balances – I will not connect to the anxiety I feel when I think about the debt.  Instead, I “let go” and focus on the positive feelings I experience when I receive income and each day I bless my income.  I realize that in order to receive, I must also give.  I make an effort to donate or gift on a weekly basis, even in the slightest way.

I recognize that all moments are transient – thus, all financial circumstances are transient as well.  I am not defined by today’s perceived limitations.  

divorce buddha