divorce buddha

Love surrounds me.  I only have to open my eyes and I find bliss in my other relationships. Thank you Universe!

Love is creation.  My love is so expansive that as I focus on my capacity to love I realize that it is the greatest comfort of all.  Now is not the time to turn away from love.  Now is the time to see it, hug it, and draw strength from it.   I am tapped into love.

My friends feed my soul.  Even when I am at my worst, I will get up, get dressed and show up!   I will accept invitations and I will nurture my friendships.

I notice the hardship of others and I give love and energy to healing their ills.  Even though I am in pain, I am not suffering when I am healing those around me.

Love transforms.  Evolves.  I create a new relationship with my former partner that will benefit our children and keep peace within our daily lives.


divorce buddha