divorce buddha

divorce buddha

I recognize that our children deserve to love both of their parents and both parents must nurture love for the other.  In this way our children will grow to love us all the more for respecting their emotions and allowing them emotional freedom.

I choose to protect my children from any anger or bitterness in this divorce.  I choose to preserve their naivety and to allow them to mature at their own pace. 

In the midst of an argument I stop speaking to evaluate my feelings and I consciously change my tone and volume.  It is okay to finish the conversation later after I have revisited the issue inside of me.

I bless my children as they enjoy time with their other parent. I encourage their relationship with their other parent and I do what I can to help nurture it.  I know this will assist my children in becoming emotionally healthy adults.  The more people who love my children the better off my children will be.

Co-parenting comes easy to me.  I diligently work toward a peaceful relationship with my former partner so that our children benefit from a common origin of meaningful and decisive discipline.